ImproVal kick-off in Helsinki (Finland)

On 29-30 of October, partners from 5 countries met in Helsinki to kick off the ImproVal project, which, over the next two years, will focus on improving validation in the voluntary sector. Partners shared their experiences from previous validation projects. 

ImproVal aims to provide a synthesis of work undertaken on the issue of validation and volunteering so far. It does so by bringing together the coordinators of a number of previous validation projects, making known the methods, tools and thinking behind validation of learning in the voluntary sector, in a validation compendium, conducting a small-scale study on the usefulness of validation for volunteers, and by encouraging a dialogue between relevant stakeholders locally, nationally and on a European level.

At the kick-off, partners have discussed the first project outputs and worked together to define the changes they would like to see in the sector and also the impact they are expecting the project to have.

The project is coordinated by the Sivis Study Centre, a nationwide non-formal adult education centre, whose mission is to foster citizens’ competences and promote active citizenship and voluntary work in co-operation with its members. The other partners are the University of Bamberg (Germany), Edos Foundation (Netherlands), Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organisations (Slovenia) and the Lifelong Learning Platform (EU).


23 April 2020

ImproVal partners co-published a new study which aims to discover whether and how volunteers and voluntary organisations have been able to use the outcomes of validation.

15 November 2019

There are dozens of tools for validating volunteers’ skills. Are they good and what would make them better? Have they been helpful to you? Tell us about your experiences!

23 July 2020

On 16 and 22 June, ImproVal partners organised a series of three webinars on the topic of learning new skills in volunteering and validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNFIL).


01 March 2019

ImproVal partners did a 90-minutes Webinar on validation tools in the voluntary sector on the 13th of June 2019. After a short presentation of the project and its initial findings4 guest speakers presented their tools and answer questions from the audience.